Vera Vista = True View


Hi! I'm Luke and I am the owner of Vera Vista 3D. I have been involved in Real Estate in a few capacities over the last 15 years; It was my time as an account executive for a multifamily advertising company that led me to start this company. I noticed a trend of overly edited and hyped photos/videos that didn't tell the true story of the property they were supposed to represent.


My mission was clear and simple; establish a brand that showcases each property as if you are actually standing there in person. No deception, no false hope. Matterport 3D virtual Tours allow potential customers to interact with the actual property. I am committed to providing Realtors, Property Managers and Business Owners options to showcase their property, create a connection with customers, and solidify a reputation of trust and integrity. Clients become members of the team, communicating their needs, values and desires as we work towards building a successful partnership. I look forward to speaking with you soon!